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Radha Govinda Goshala and Ashram is located in Bangalore, on Kanakpura Road, near Somanahalli Gate.

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Located on three acres of land on Kanakapura road, the Radha Govinda Goshala has been protecting cows and bulls since 1997.

The cows and bulls live peacefully during the full duration of their lives.

Bulls are trained to work at an early age and assist in agricultural production by plowing fields and pulling carts.

The calves drink milk from their mothers till they reach the age of seven to ten months to ensure good health.

The cows are always milked by hand

The cows and bulls eat only natural grasses, grains and suitable vegetables.

The Goshala supplies milk to the temple Deity Department


Services we Engage in

1. Taking care of sick cows

2. Taking care of cows that are going to Slaugher houses

3. Male cows who cannot be reared by owners

4. Cow Worship

5. Workshops on Cow protection

6. Benefits from Desi/Nati Cows.

Radha Govinda Goshala has got very simple and effective ways to ensure Urban education on cow protection as well as rural education on cow protection.


We are an 80G tax exempt organization run by Shri Harikrishna an initiated devotee of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas.

Shri Harikrishna and several members of the Trust are accomplished software and Hardware engineers who have worked extensively in several coutnries abroad.

We need your support in many ways to help perform GoSeva. Money, fodder, medicinal supplies, transportation, and propagation of cow protection is the least that you can involve in.

I humbly submit you to join us in this endeavor and derive spiritual benefit.

Radha Govinda Goshala and Ashram is located in Bangalore, on Kanakpura Road, near Somanahalli Gate. We have centers in Tumkur, Arsikere, Maharastra, and West Bengal.

#130, nelagulli village,off kanakpura road, bangalore south, bangalore  560082
karnataka, India
reg.no. BNG(U)-BSK/84/2009-10
PH: 8095910888
Save me, Please Say NO to BEEF; Say no to hurting Cows ; Arise, Awake and Act!